All Ruger Custom Grips pictured on this site are the actual grips you will receive if you purchase them.

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Due to health problems Iíve had to stop making grips. Right now I donít know exactly how long this will be. I hope to get back to it in the future. You can check this site from time to time and if this message is gone, you will know that Iím back in business.

Since I put my "Grip Blanks" page up, most of my time is spent making grips for customers from blank sets. Most of these being fit to customers grip frames. That just doesn't leave me much time for making grips for stock sales anymore. That's why you don't see many new grip sets on my site. I am very much still in business and will continue making grip sets for stock off the shelf sales when time permits and I can fit them in.

I am currently making grips for the New Vaquero, the .357 mag Anniversary Flattop and the .44 mag Anniversary Flattop. These guns all take the same size grips.

I make custom grips for the Ruger single actions. I use only the choicest parts of the wood. Most of the grips that I make are one of a kind sets. My stabilized grips have been big favorites with the SASS shooters.I also produce grips from the traditional woods.

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To order or ask questions you can give me a call. 951 928 4210 (Please call after 9 AM California time). Or you can email me at I will accept Paypal payments or cashiers check or money orders. I garauntee all my grips. If you are not satisified, I will refund your purchase price as long as the grips are returned unaltered. I have had no unsatisified customers as of yet.

I have now started producing custom grips out of STABILIZED WOOD as well as regular wood. This is the ULTIMATE in wood grip material. For an explanation of the stabilizing process and pictures, click on the Stabilized Grips link below.

I use a custom stainless grip screw for all my grips. The threaded end is ground flat and polished. The ferrules have been polished and fit almost flush with the surface of the grip. The threaded ferrule is installed backwards. This makes the threaded side of the screw look as good as or prettier than the screw head side. I also provide a grip screw spacer that fits on the grip screw between the grips that prevents the back of the grips from giving way in the event of over tightening. Spacers really should be used on all of your guns.


My Tru Oil finishes unless otherwize specified, are HIGH GLOSS. I do this so you can see the High Gloss finish before you decide you don't like it. If you do not like the high gloss finish, you can easily turn it to a satin finish. Just get a bottle of Birchwood Casey "Stock Sheen & Conditioner" from any sporting goods store. Use as directed. It's as simple as applying a coat of wax. You can not mess it up. To see the difference in the two finishes click on the following link. I finished this peice of laminated mahogany with a high gloss finish, then taped off the left (high gloss side) and applied the "stock sheen & conditioner" to the other side. Here is the PICTURE