I can now offer the option of black hardware with any of my grips. This has a more traditional look, especially with blued guns.

My grip screws are extra long so I can trim them to the exact length needed before polishing and bluing. My ferrules are black hard anodized. This hardware is exactly the same as Stock Ruger hardware. The screw is a size #6 with 40 threads per inch.

I install my ferrules almost flush with the surface of the grip. To me, nothing ruins the look of a custom grip than that big quarter inch hole with the ferrules set way down in it as I've seen in a lot of stock and custom grips.

As far as I know, I'm the only custom grip maker that offers this option of black hardware with the ferrules mounted almost flush with the grip face.

I install my stainless hardware in the same manor as described above and am very happy to say I can now offer black hardware installed in the same way.